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MIDORI GIANT - Proven Workhorse
SOLD OUT. Traditional edamame variety as you would eat in oriental restaurants. Early maturing with very large pods. Consistent heavy producer with over 90% two and three-seeded pods. Suited for commercial production and home gardens. Adaptable to all regions of the USA. 1200 seeds per pound.
Midori Giant is available as organic seed. If you are certifying acreage, make sure you order organic seed of this variety to stay within compliance of organic seed laws.
This green-seeded variety was introduced several years ago for its exceptional traits: large pods of deeper green color and a higher percentage of three-seeded pods. It matures 2-3 days earlier than Midori Giant. Adapted throughout the USA, it also performs extremely well in numerous foreign countries. 1050 seeds per pound.
SOLD OUT. Matures one week earlier than Midori Giant. A green seeded variety that produces very large pods of deep green color. Extremely prolific. Especially suited for Northwestern USA and upper latitudes. 1100 seed per pound.
SUMO - ORGANIC SEED Edamame Seeds, Sumo Variety
SOLD OUT. Brand New! An edamame variety with buff colored seed. Increased yields of 30-40% above Midori Giant in test trials. Maturity is similar to Midori Giant. 1050 seed/lb. Make sure you try this one!

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